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Welcome to the WWITPro Community Portal!

We are the Waterloo Wellington Information Technology Professional User Group - a non-profit forum for IT people who work with Microsoft (and other) Server Technologies.

Our events are free, however, we ask that you first create a user account so that you can register for each event you plan on attending. That way, we can make sure there is enough food and seats available. This account is also free of charge and we promise not to give away or sell your personal contact information. We will use your e-mail address to keep you informed about WWITPRO and other relevant IT events.

Please login to the WWITPRO site and click on the Events page to view/register for upcoming WWITPRO events.


WWITPRO March Event Review - Monday, March 31, 2014

Jose Fehse ( came out and gave a presentation on The Datacenter Side of System Center. Jose started out with a review on the History of System Center, talked about how cloud computing is changing the Business and IT; then we jumped into Demo’s. The Demos were examples of things that he has done / implemented and they really showcased what System Center could do. Because Operations Manager, Service Manager and Orchestrator are so large it was a lot to take in. If you are interested in learning more about a particular piece of System Center let me know and I can try to get something lined up for a future presentation


Terry Edwards
President WWITPRO
Terry @

WWITPRO - March IT Camp - Saturday, March 29, 2014

On Saturday March 29th we hosted a special IT Camp for Microsoft called “Managing your Datacenter R2”. Our speaker was Antony Bartolo from Microsoft. We started off at 9:00am with some snacks while Antony kicked off his presentation. After a little bit of an intro we jumped directly into the demos. This was a “Bring your Own Computer” and all the demo VM’s were in Microsoft cloud which we were given 24 hours access. I found Microsoft’s online service easy to connect to and pretty responsive but there was an issue with not being able to resize or scroll (which made it a little difficult to use on my laptop) but we made the most of it. I was pretty impressed with how involved the demos were but we really needed more time to work on them. This could have easily been a two or even three day course.

One more thing to note about the event was the Lunch. We were able to get Smoking Tony’s in Cambridge to provide the most amazing BBQ lunch that I think any of us had ever had so if you enjoy IT and BBQ and you didn’t attend, then you totally missed out!

Thanks again to everyone who came out and we look forward to seeing you at the next event!

WWITPRO February Event Review - Friday, February 28, 2014


First off I have to apologize for my tardiness on this one, I had all the note type up right after the meeting but the month ran away from me.  For those of you who were not able to attend the February event, we had Jason Eckert back and he did his triple presentation.

Here are the highlights! 


Windows 2012 Presentation

Talked about Hot Keys

Server Manager -> You can create your own server groups

->On the AD DS tab, right click on a server and it gives you a list of all the commands that you can do

-> NIC teaming is built in

Hyper-V -> Has hooks in the Kernel of Windows and SQL (2012 or later) to make it run a lot faster than it would on VMWare

RDMA -> If your network card supports it, your network requests can bypass the virtualization layer and go directly out

File Shares -> Supports NFS and you have to option to create SMB or NFS shares

Modular GUI -> Adding and removing the Graphical Shell



This was a very good history lesson on how modern computing came to be. The transputer architecture was implemented as a system on a chip (SOC). The end result, CPU’s that are dual-core, quad-core and more!



Or Guile vs Ryu if you remember Street Fighter. Zettabyte File System – 128-bit file system. Capacity = 256 quadrillion Zettabytes

Resilient File System is used with Windows Server 2012+ / Windows 8+ only – 64-bit file system. Capacity = 1024 Zettabytes


For more information on what we looked at, take a look at the Slide Deck Jason has provided

Terry Edwards


January Event Review - Wednesday, January 29, 2014


January's event featured Exchange GURUJason Eckert. Jason gave us an overview of Exchange 2007/2010’s 5 server roles (mailbox, CAS, Hub, Edge, UM) and how they have been compresses into 3 Roles in Exchange 2013 (Mailbox, CAS, Hub). He talked about Server Recovery - Because everything is stored in AD, if your server die’s you can rebuild it with the setup /m:recovery. We took a look at how the Exchange Management Console changed from 2007/2010 into a Web based console (like ECP) that only has 75% of the functionality. The other 25% is commandline now. Inside the online console, Jason went through a number of different tabs and talked about some of the different options and what you could do with them.

For more information on what we looked at, take a look at the Slide Deck Jason has provided

Terry Edwards
President WWITPRO
Terry @


November Event Review - Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hi Everyone!

For Monday night’s event we had another dual presentation. Mike Moss, a WWITPRO Executive member, gave a demo presentation on one of QNAP’s NAS devices. Mike talked about a couple different offerings from QNAP and then went through the device options letting us know how it works and how he uses these devices in the offices that he supports.

The Second part of the presentation was the group discussion. In an earlier email I provided a couple of different topics for the group to research and come prepared to discuss. The three topics were:

·         What do you use manage your mobile device? BES, Active Sync, Mobile Iron?

·         What Backup Solution are you using for your Small Business? Do you like it? Do you like something Better? Do you want to know more about a different backup solution? What Type of Media do you use?

·         I want to upgrade from Exchange 2007 to a new version, should I go 2010, 2013 or to the Cloud?

I put up a couple of slides and we talked through the topics. I thought it turned out pretty good as we heard from a number of people on their experiences. I’d like to do another one of these discussions in a future event but we’ll need to come up with some topics. Let me know if you think anything up!

Terry Edwards
President WWITPRO
Terry @


October Event Review - Saturday, November 02, 2013

Hi Everyone!

Monday night’s event was a double header. First up was Alan McDermott talking about IT Security and second at Bat was yours truly, Terry Edwards, talking about Windows Server 2012 Certificate Services.

Alan give a high level talk about security with enough detail to get past the basic concepts but not so much as to focus on specific technologies. Some of the things he talked about included:

What is Security?
What kind of Threats exist?
How to get past the technical and into the political
Security Concerts around BYOD
What kind of jobs / positions are available in IT Security?
What Security Managers are looking for in an employee?

My talk, on the other hand, was a little more technical. I started out with a high level over of Certificate Services and then it was straight into the demo. The majority of my presentation was the Installation and configuration of Certificate Services. I also talked about the issues I encountered, how I fixed them or in some cases, worked around them….

As usual the crowd was full of questions and it was a great event. Thanks to everyone who attended!

Terry Edwards
President WWITPRO
Terry @


September Event Review - Friday, October 04, 2013

Hi Everyone! 

At Monday night’s event, we had Ruth and John Morton come out to give a talk on “Home Computing with Windows, Linux and MAC's”. The cool thing about this presentation was that Ruth has spent a number of years working with Microsoft Products in the Corporate World while John works pretty much exclusively with Open Source in Academia.
So what kind of things did they cover? Without getting into too many details we covered the items listed below plus had some really good conversations / discussions about a number of other things too!
Some of the things that were talked about include:
Storage: Drobo, Windows Home Server, NAS, Windows Storage Spaces
Media Hardware: Xbox, Mac Mini, Apple TV
Media Software: XBMC, VLC, Plex
Communications (Email): Linux Box, Virtual Box,, Office 365
Online Backups: Crash Plan
Buying Cheap Stuff online:
Syncing across all devices to a cloud location
Then after the Event, Ruth, John, the wwitpro Executive and a Few other’s went across the street to Crappy Joes for the drinks, appetizers and more conversations. It was another successful event!
Hope to see you all at the next one!
Terry Edwards
President WWITPRO
terry @ 

June Event Review - Monday, June 24, 2013

Hi Everyone,

For this Monday’s event we had our Forms Nights. Jason Yandt from Boehmer Box presented on “Implementing Virtual Desktop” and Al Lukachko presented “Windows 8 Tips and Tricks”

Jason Yandt talked about how their backend infrastructure changes would allow them to test out moving some aging floor machines to Virtual Desktops.  The process started with picking a hardware vendor for the VDI devices, followed by a Pilot and then they perfected the process. Jason talked about some different upgrade strategies, challenges they faced, benefits of the new solution and how its evolved in their environment over the last 5 years.

Al Lukachko gave us a whirlwind demo of a Windows 8. Within the first couple of minutes Al shot through a number of key commands that show me that Windows 8 could actually be usable to me (someone who knows and loves where everything is located in Windows 7). I was following along on my Windows 7 desktop and a bunch of the key commands are the same or have a similar function. Al has provided us with a list of his commands that can be located “<here – posted shortly>”. The presentation went pretty quick but the good part was all the interaction with the group after the presentation. Everyone was sharing their experiences, asking questions and there was generally a lot of discussion around it.



Terry Edwards

President WWITPRO


May Event Review - Monday, May 27, 2013

Now this one review is actually on time!

Our May WWITPRO event featured Mario Marquez, a Veeam Senior Systems Engineer, who came out to give a presentation about the newest features in Veeam Version 7.

Mario and his team showed up in force with a number of members from the Veeam team (5 of them) and they brought us all kinds of swag! Gourmet Jelly Beans, USB Keys, Beer Coolers and a bunch of other things.

the presentation focused on the New features in Version 7 which include:
Backup and Replication
Archive to Tape
Integration with VMware vCloud Director
vSphere Client Plug-in
Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SharePoint
Virtual Lab for Hyper-V
Virtual Lab for replicas
Enhanced 1-Click Restore
Enhanced reporting and monitoring
Support for Exchange 2013 and HP 3PAR StorServ snapshots

The group was split between users who have used Veeam for a number of years and users who have never heard of the product. Mario and team talked us through what Veeam does and all about the new features, some pricing and how it could work for us. There were questions all over the place and Veeam can do a lot of stuff! if you have a chance, check out what Veeam can do for you.

Terry Edwards
President WWITPRO
Terry @

April Event Review - Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hi Everyone,

This review is a little late (again) but for April’s topic Fred talked about the different version of SBS and how it was announced that it was to be no more. BUT it was replaced with Windows Server 2012 Essentials. Fred went on to tell us about Windows Server 2012 Essentials, Email integration with office 365 (hosted or on premises), maximum supported devices increase to 50, support for single server direct access topology (basically a clientless vpn) and it can grow to Windows Server 2012 Standard

Fred connected into his Windows Server 2012 Essentials environment and he was able to show us what the Dashboard looked like, how to join machines to it, the health status, configure emails, storage view, etc.

A like to his presentation can be found here

Our second speaker was Dave Engineer who presenting his new product which is a managed Windows Automated Deployment service. This product / service, which was developed by Dave and leverages Windows deployment services, is designed to rapidly deploy base images of Windows OS that have been fully patched and tested by Dave and his team.

Terry Edwards
President WWITPRO
Terry @


March Event Review - Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hi Everyone, March’s event featured Eric Noordam from HP Canada who talked about HP’s ePrint Technology. I didn’t know a lot about ePrint going in but this presentation showed me the real advantages of using this product with a Mobile workforce, at the office or even in your own home!

Eric started off by explaining the different target markets / products for ePrint as there are a couple of options to choose from, each one is suited for a specific group of people. He then covered the technologies, showed examples of how and why you would want to use it and then got us to download the application to our mobile devices so we could see all the locations in KW that were available right now for ePrint.

If you need printing everywhere that you are and you don’t want to have to worry about installing drivers or transferring things on Flash media then ePrint could be what you are looking for.

Terry Edwards
President WWITPRO
Terry @

February Event Review - Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I will have to admit that February’s Event “Dealing with MAC’s in a Windows environment” was something requested by me for me. My office has a number of MAC’s but our IT department doesn’t manage them and the MAC users had to fend for themselves. After talking to Jason he told me that it didn’t have to be like that and that I could join the MAC’s to my AD domain, give them access to network resources and manage them pretty much just like a windows machine. I was intrigued and Jason agreed to put something together.

Here are some of the Highlights

  • Overview of MAC’s, the Different OS version and history
  • Covered some basics of the Linux file structure to give us a bit of understanding on how the Modern MAC OS works
  • Talked about the MAC Mini and it’s “Server” OS version 10.8
  • Joining MAC’s to an AD Domain
  • Managing MAC’s and iOS devices from MAC Server
  • GPO’s for MAC

The slide Deck can be located here

Terry Edwards
President WWITPRO
Terry @


January Event Review - Thursday, February 21, 2013

I know this review is a little late considering our February event will be happening in a couple of days but I ended up taking some pretty good notes and I wanted to Share. Former WWITPRO President Ruth Morton was back to give a presentation on Windows Server 2012. Now instead of trying to recreate the presentation from my notes I’m going to post a bunch of bullet points of some of the items that were discussed and if you missed it, then hopefully next time you’ll do what you can to make it

• Server Management -> can do a lot more in PowerShell
• Virtualization -> Hyper-V / Network Virtualization (Multiple servers with the same IP address)
• SMB-Share-Based Live Migration
• “Shared Nothing” Live Migration
• Live Storage Migration -> Moving VHD’s attached to a running system
• Bit Locker on Clustered Volumes
• Anti-Affinity -> don’t allow two DC’s to fail onto the same server
• Affinity Rules -> SQL and App that requires SQL to failover together
• Storage Spaces
• Create Storage Pools using any kind of available storage – Just add the storage to the pool
• Storage Spaces make use of Resilient File System (ReFS) -> When you create a volume you can make it on ReSF volumes
• Offload File Transfer (OFX)
• SMB Direct (RDMA)

Terry Edwards
President WWITPRO
Terry @


WWITPRO November Event - Sunday, December 02, 2012

On Monday November 26th 2012 Sean Kearney presented a Microsoft Springboard Series presentation on Windows 8. If you have seen Sean speak before then you know that he’s full on energy and really puts on a great show! Sean ran the whole presentation off his new Microsoft Surface tablet. He was able to demonstrate how the applications on the table worked the same as the applications on a Windows 8 Laptop; he seamless transferred from tablet mode to presenter mode and had a bunch of different demos to show us.

One of the other cool things that Sean was able to show us was “Windows to Go”. Using a USB device that run’s Windows 8, Sean walked us through the process of loading up the device and it was pretty much that simple. Locked down with a corporate image, this USB device runs a full version of Windows 8 and can be used in any computer without the fear of any security risks on the local computer.

One other thing that was really cool was that Sean came with a ton of prizes and if I'm not mistaken every member of the audience went home with something. Microsoft was even kind enough to donate 5 copies of Windows 8! Thanks again Sean and Microsoft!!!

Terry Edwards
President WWITPRO
Terry @

October Event Review - Sunday, November 04, 2012

On Monday October 29th 2012, we had another Duel Speaker night. Our First Speaker, Jason Eckert from triOS collage, gave us Part 2 of his Exchange 2010 Presentation. This part of the presentation focused on integration with Active Sync and Jason explained the differences between Active Sync and BlackBerry Enterprise server.


Our second speaker was WWITPRO’s own Tim Jackson. Tim took us through all the changes from Spiceworks 5.0 to 6.0 and showed us a number of new features and improvements in Spiceworks 6.0

Terry Edwards
President WWITPRO
Terry @


WWITPRO September Event - Saturday, September 29, 2012


Our Speaker for Monday night was Jason Eckert from Trios College. Jason was kind enough to give us a presentation on Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. I really enjoy Jason’s presentations, he has a structure planned out but he’s not afraid to stray off into a different area to answer / investigate a question that someone has asked. His sessions are very interactive and I feel that I really learn a lot when I attend them.

Jason covered off a number of Topic on Exchange 2010 while at the same time comparing them to Exchange 2007 so that we could know what the difference we and why these differences exist. We walked through the management console and dove what each role was and why you need it.

Because there were so many things to cover we didn’t end up getting through the whole presentation before time ran out so Jason was kind enough to offer to come back in October to finish off the presentation. The first half of Octobers event will be the conclusion of Jason Eckert’s Exchange 2010 presentation and following that Tim Jackson will be giving a presentation on Spiceworks.

Jason’s Slide deck can be located here

Terry Edwards
President WWITPRO
Terry @



June Event Review - Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Our Speaker for Monday night was Fred Spitzig, a 32 year IT Operation veteran and DR consultant from the Rampart Group. Fred was able to take time out of his busy schedule to give us an introduction to Disaster Recovery Planning. Some of the items that Fred covered were Level Set, Life-Cycle, DR Traps, Process Maturity Model, a section called “IT’s Alive”, Program Improvements, Data Backup and Recovery and Cloud Computing. Fred’s talk covered a lot of different things but one of the main points I took away from the presentation is that a DR plan isn’t just a binder sitting on a shelf, it’s a living breathing document that needs to be updated any time a production system is added, changed or updated.

Fred provided us with the Slide Deck and I have posted it here:

One other side note about the presentation – I had just finished watching Mission Impossible 4 the other night and when Fred said that he worked for Canadian Pacific Railway a though popped into my head. Does CPR have mobile data centers on training with high tech satellite updates travelling all over the country? Fred was pretty tight lipped about the subject, which leads me to believe that there could be… :)

Terry Edwards
President WWITPRO
Terry @



May Event Review - Monday, May 28, 2012


The main point of the presentation (or at least what I took away from it) was that Businesses need to care about Social Media and what people / clients are saying about their companies. If a company doesn’t respond to Social Media requests, it’s really going to hurt them. One of the thoughts was that Social Media is like how email was after the phone. You could call someone for support but then people wanted to email instead of waiting in long phone lines. The same thing is true with Social Media. I don’t want to email you and wait a couple days for a response, I want to broadcast a message or question to the world and have someone (hopefully the company) get back to me.

Chris was able to make the presentation pretty application agnostic but it still referenced a number of different products like Yammer, Twitter and other online services. There were lots of questions from Chris and the audience which made for a really interactive session.

I thought Chris’s presentation was great! I loved the use of images, video and humor in his presentations. I’ll see about getting the slide deck and posting it to the WWITPRO Site.


Terry Edwards
President WWITPRO
Terry @


April Event Review - Wednesday, May 02, 2012


On Monday April 30th 2012, WWITPRO members were treated to a split but combined presentation by Jason Eckert on Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing. The Ethical Hacking session started out with some terminology and lead into best practices. The Penetration Testing session was all about why you need to do Penetration testing, the best people for Penetration testing, information about different certifications and we finished off with looking at Tools in the BackTrack suite of Tools.


Terry Edwards
President WWITPRO
Terry @


March Event Review - Tuesday, March 27, 2012


On Monday March 26th from 7:05pm until about 8:30pm, WWITPRO members were watching probably one of the best looking / engaging presentations give at one of our Events.

Chris Johnston from Equitable Life of Canada gave a Presentation Zen style presentation on “Large Scale Desktop Deployments” that had a lot of images, videos and a really good use of humor that everyone really enjoyed. It was an engaging presentation that tied in nicely with Chris’s work experience, different roles on Desktop deployment projects and the improvements he was able to make from one project to the next.

Chris seemed to have a way to ask the right questions that actually got the audience to answer or to show a show of hands (that sound weird when I type it but it looks like it’s right) and getting everyone involved.

After he answered all his deployment questions he used the last 20 minutes to start an interactive discussion with the audience about where he thought Desktops, the cloud and IT’s role in computers were heading. Next he got into another discussion about “Bring your devices to work”, who can do it, who can’t, IT’s role in it, what other business are trending toward and I have to tell you that there was a lot of different opinions / ideas out there about this one.

If you missed it then you really missed out, if you saw it and you want to hear more of Chris’s views on the direction of IT or Social Media in IT, then let me know and I’ll have him come back in to do a follow up on those things.

Terry Edwards
President WWITPRO
Terry @


February Event Review - Thursday, March 22, 2012


Hi Everyone! This post is a little late but better late than never. February’s Event featured Ruth Morton an IT Evangelist from Microsoft Canada talking about the Private Cloud. Ruth explained the differences between Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud Solutions in a way that showed how passionate she is about the cloud and Microsoft’s virtualization offerings. The presentation was very interactive with lots of input and questions from the group and we even had time to get into some demos on System Center 2012.

After the presentation, Ruth and a group of us headed over to Crabby Joes for some half price appetizers and continued our discussions on moving things to the cloud, what the regular IT persons role will be, where the industry is moving and who are the major players right here in KW. It was very interesting and lots of fun!

Terry Edwards
President WWITPRO
Terry @


January Event Review - Monday, January 30, 2012

Tonight was the first event of 2012 so we thought we would start out with something simple… Like an Introduction to Cisco Routers and Switches. Well, it turns out that you can’t just have a simple Cisco presentation without having to get some basic networking concepts out of the way first. That’s where Waseem Ahmad comes in.

Waseem Ahmad, CCIE and Network Engineer at Equitable Life of Canada, was kind enough to give an introductory presentation on the differences between Cisco Routers and Switches but in the process he covered a lot of basic networking terms. Waseem’s presentation was like an accelerated Networking course, it was a lot to take in but he had a lot to cover. He started us out on the OSI model, moved into Layer 2 and Layer 3 Switching, talked about the Cisco Design principles (old and new) then moved into the difference between Routers and Switches and when / why you need to use them.

Waseem wanted to show a 10 minute video but we ran out of time but here it is for you to view at your leisure 

Terry Edwards
President WWITPRO
Terry @


November Event Review - Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Novembers Event featured two speakers, Martin Patzold (Windows 8 Demo) and Tim Jackson (Improvements in the latest Spiceworks version).  

Our night started out with Martin, a long time WWITPRO member talking about Windows 8. What Martin showed us was only a Beta but it was still quite impressive. Some of the new features displayed were the integration with Hotmail, The new titled interface, the low requirements that Windows 8 needs to run and the ability to still drop back to a familiar Windows 7 style desktop. It’s always great to see live demo’s and that’s exactly what this was, Martin showed us all the features live on screen and was able to give updates about the newer changes that were still being made for the upcoming RC.

After the break Tim Jackson showed the group some new and updated features in Spiceworks 5.1. I was actually surprised that so many people had come out to specifically see the Spiceworks talk. Tim was barely able to get through his presentation he had so many questions! There will definitely be another Spiceworks session but in the meantime, if you are looking for Training or more information on Spiceworks, please contact Tim directly “Tim @ WWITPRO.COM”

Terry Edwards
President WWITPRO
Terry @


October Event Review - Thursday, October 27, 2011

October’s event was presented by yours truly. I presented on using Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 with Websense Web filter to build a Proxy Server. There was quite a bit of installation slides in the beginning but I had to explain a lot of the little details, things to look out for an issues. It also doesn’t help that The installation order doesn’t match your understanding order. What I mean by that is the installers ask you to configure things that you don’t understand yet. It’s not until later on in the installation that you see why you need to pick certain options earlier in the install.

Once we got out of the installers I was able to give a live demo of setting of configuring Forefront TMG 2010 in preparation for installing Website. One of the Key points about Forefront TMG is that it really locks the server down! So much so that you can’t even connect to the machine from any other machine until you modify the system settings and add additional machines / networks to the list of things that are allowed to access TMG. Even when you go to install Websense Web filter on TMG you need to configure a special rule or Web filter can’t install.

The Websense Web filter Demo was where all the fun was at. It was here that we created a couple of new policies and started locking down access to sites. The thing to look out for with this is that the rules can take up to a minute to take effect. When I was showing this part as a demo I felt like at times that I might have configured something wrong or missed a setting but then after the 4 refresh the site was finally blocked. Talk about frustrating!

I’ve posted the slide under the Documents setting of the site but I try to use the “Presentation Zen” style of presentation (lots of pictures not a lot of writing) so I’m not exactly sure how much you will get out of them. At very least it shows a pretty much step by step installation of Forefront TMG with Websense Web filter in Single Network Card Mode.

Anyway, for those of you that attended, I hope you enjoyed it and next time I would be so “Installer” heavy ;)

Terry Edwards
President WWITPRO
Terry @

September Event Review - Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September's event featured Jason Eckert and Windows Phone 7 (WP7). Since we are mainly a group of IT Administrators, Jason tailored his talk to start with the Administration / Technical details about WP7 and switched gears in the second half to give an insight into how to deploy / publish a WP7 app.

The Administration section covered WP7 hardware requirements, why having hardware requirements was so important in making WP7 so fast, configuring Active Sync in your Exchange environment, what type of certificates you should use, the prerequisite to getting your WP7 device to automatically connect to Exchange, configuring policies on your WP7 in Active Sync and how SharePoint can leverage your Exchange credentials to login to your corporate SharePoint Site.

On the Development and Deployment side of things we saw the different tools used to create an app, limits around using custom built apps on your developer device and how to setup a Market Place account / publish your app.

The slides are posted under the "Documents" Section of the site or check out Jason's Blog for more details:

Terry Edwards
President WWITPRO
terry @


Whatever happened the to the MCSE? - Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Back in January I attended a live meeting called "Whatever happened the the MCSE?" It was presentation geared towards hiring manages to help them better understand how the new Microsoft Cetifications work.
In the early 2000’s if you had an MSCE you were at the top of the heap. If there was a job posting it was asking for an MCSE designation. The phrase paper MCSE started popping up and everyone figured you could get certified by just reading a book. Brain dumps started popping up and Microsoft made exams harder and started to use simulations. People started feeling that MCSE was past its prime.
The problem with the MCSE was that it was a very broad, high level certification with no way to differentiate the different technologies that it covered. To try and make the MCSE more granular, Microsoft turned it into a family of certifications, MCDBA, MCSA, MCSE messaging / security. This move was confusing for hiring managers. They were unsure of what each certification was without having to have an intimate knowledge of all the certifications.
In 2005 Microsoft set a new steak in the ground. The New Generation of Certifications was released. The new Logos now show the area’s that you specialize in and they have a simple descriptive name that is aimed at hiring managers so they can make sense of the certification is for.
  • Technology – Show that you have a very deep knowledge in one product
  • Professional – Maps closely to MCSE and MCDB – It is a broad certification that maps to a range of Technology certifications
  • Master – 10 years of in-depth expertise
  • Architect – Designing or responsible for full solutions (The Big Picture)
The following chart shows how the old certifications map to the new ones.
As shown in the image above, the certifications have been designed to line up by job roles. Each job role has been redefined and narrowed to a specific area.
With the re-design of the certifications Microsoft has introduced new testing technologies making it more difficult to pass an exam. No longer will you be able to just “read a book”, you’re going to have to have hands on knowledge to be able to get pass the labs.
The rest of the talk was geared towards hiring managers and it was showing them how the MCSE maps to the MCITP: Enterprise Administrator. Basically the MCITP: Enterprise Administrator is the new MCSE.
Terry Edwards
President WWITPRO